The same way dressing to one’s body type can completely elevate your style, glasses that compliment your face shape enhances “you”. They bring out your best features and give you a boost of confidence whenever you put them on knowing you look undeniably great in them.

To help you wade through the many styles of glasses out there, we’ve created a guide to determine your face shape with recommendations of frames to shop for.


You have a square face shape if: You have a broader forehead and prominent jaw of similar widths.

Choose frames that: Are rounded to balance out the angular nature of your face.


You have a round face shape if: Your face is fuller in the middle, with a soft jawline and is of equal overall width and length.

Choose frames that: Add dimension to your face. A frame that is larger, wider and more angular will make your eyes pop while giving your face the illusion of being smaller and sharper.

Heart or Inverted Triangle

You have a heart of inverted triangle face shape if: You have a wider forehead, and a narrower, pointed chin and jawline.

Choose frames that: Soften your features or balance your face shape. You can go either way depending on the look you prefer. For a more feminine look, go for rounded frames. For a more masculine look, a rectangular pair will equal out a smaller jawline. Alternatively, you can go for a mixture of both in a cat eye or aviator style frame that will bring weight to the lower half of your face.


You have an oval face shape if: The top and bottom of your face are symmetrically balanced. It’s also slightly fuller at the cheek with a softer jawline.

Choose frames that: Are not too big or too small. Otherwise, oval faces can pull off almost any frame. With that advantage, you can pull off bolder and more colorful styles, so why not try something new?