Glasses wearers would all agree: there’s nothing more distracting or annoying than smudged, dirty lenses.  The whole point of wearing glasses is to see the world better, right?  And if the eyes are, as they say, “the windows to the soul,” those windows should be sparkling clean and crystal clear for all to look through when they meet you!

But keeping your lenses clean is easier said than done.  Daily life of the typical glasses-clad girl or lad means dust, debris and oily smudges.  It’s almost impossible to keep your fingerprints from finding their way onto your lenses.  Sure, it’s easy to just grab the frames from your face and wipe your lenses with your seemingly soft t-shirt, but even cotton contains rough fibers that could be potentially damaging to your lenses.  The best way to keep your lenses clean of dust particles and clear of dirty smudges is to use a microfiber lens cloth, and wash them first.

First, run your frames under warm water to rinse away any debris that may have accumulated on your lenses.  Then, spray your lenses with a liquid cleaner that is specifically designed for cleaning eyeglasses.  Finally, wipe your lenses with your microfiber lens cloth.  Only have a minute before that big meeting with your boss?  For cleaning your lenses on the go, it’s nice to have a pre-moistened lens cloth handy.  These little moist cloths come prepackaged to fit easily in your purse or wallet, making cleaning your eyeglasses quick and easy when you’re out and about.   When you order prescription or non-prescription eyeglasses from, you also receive a special microfiber cloth for cleaning your lenses and a protective case for storing your glasses.

If you’re like most people who wear eyeglasses, you probably take off your glasses and leave them in the most obvious but dangerous places—the nightstand, the bathroom sink, on the bedroom dresser, or even floating around vulnerably in your gym bag! Children, too, tend to be pretty clumsy with their frames—but can we blame them?  For both children and adults, it’s important to get in the habit of properly storing eyeglasses and sunglasses.  To ensure that your new eyeglasses stay in the same pristine condition as when they first arrived at your door, always keep your eyeglasses from in the stylish, protective case that is included with your order.  This will not only keep them clean, but it will also save them from being scratched and damaged.  Nobody’s perfect, and it’s likely that you won’t always be as careful with your glasses as you should be, so every lens from comes pre-protected with a scratch-resistant coating, making it easy to offer you, the online shopper, a 100% quality guarantee.

It seems pretty clear—follow these simple steps for cleaning and storing your glasses from and you’ll see your world the way it’s meant to be seen!