newlogoDo you constantly find your glasses to be dirty? What about having to continuously turn your frames back and forth because they’re uncomfortable? Well, we’re here to help you out with a few simple ways to clean your lenses and adjust your frames, so you can see clearly and feel comfortable in your frames.

Adjusting Your Frames
The idea of adjusting your frames can be overwhelming to some people who have never done it before. Let’s start with a few safe ways. A great way to adjust your frames is by heat. That’s right, heat helps the plastic parts of frame become more adjustable when bending.

  • In order to adjust any part of your frame, run any plastic parts under warm water or heat with a hairdryer for 2-3 minutes. Make sure the lenses don’t get heated. Next, carefully bend and adjust your frames accordingly to fit your face.
  • If you are having difficulty with your frames sliding down your face, you can bend the earpiece closer to a 90-degree angle towards the back to tighten the fit.
  • Never attempt to bend or adjust the frames without warming up the frame first.

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Adjusting Your Nose Pads

  • If your glasses have nose pads and sit too high on your nose, it can become bothersome. To tighten the nose pads, carefully push the nose pads further apart with your thumbs.
  • If your glasses sit too low on your nose, carefully push the nose pads closer together by pinching them with your thumb and index finger.

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Cleaning Your Lenses

Cleaning your lenses sounds like a very simple process. However, many people find difficulty removing smudges and fingerprints off their lenses because of how they choose to clean them. Certain methods such as using tissues are counterproductive because tissues leave small lint on the lenses.

  • You can also clean your lenses by using your fingers to gently wash them with dish soap and lukewarm water; this is a common but very effective method.
  • Be sure to use just a tiny drop of dish soap and warm water. Do not over exceed the amount.
  • Subsequently, be sure to dry the lenses with a cloth made specifically for lenses.
  • We also provide a microfiber cloth in our orders that you can use to remove all lint without damaging the lenses.

Whether your glasses are too loose, too tight or too dirty, there is always a way to create a comfortable, clear fit. Use these simple steps to clean and adjust your frames, and you’ll be happy to see the changes. Owned and operated by eye doctors, prides itself on being aware and knowledgeable on the latest in the optical industry.

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