• Cleaning and Adjusting Your Frames and Lenses

    Do you constantly find your glasses to be dirty? What about having to continuously turn your frames back and forth because they’re uncomfortable? Well, we’re here to help you out with a few simple ways to clean your lenses and adjust your frames, so you can see clearly and feel comfortable in your frames. Adjusting Your Frames The idea of adjusting your frames can be overwhelming to some people who have never done it before. Let’s start with a few safe ways. A great way to adjust your frames is by heat. That’s right, heat helps the plastic parts of frame become more adjustable when bending. In order to adjust…

  • 8 Tips for Healthy Eyes

    One easy step for improving your overall health in 2016 is to stay on top of your eye health. That’s right, many people are not informed on what’s important for healthy eyes. Yet, we shouldn’t take our eye health for granted. All it takes is to practice these simple steps in order to help maintain healthy eyes for years to come. Where do we start? What’s the most important step in taking care of your eyes? First, be sure to get your annual eye exam. You can call your optometrist any time of the year and book your eye exam in order to ensure that your eyes are fully healthy.…

  • Spring 2016 Glasses Trends

    Although parts of the world are still extremely cold right now during these last months of winter, Spring 2016 is steadily approaching. The springtime brings about a lot of sunshine and new style. Every year introduces new fashion trends, and one major accessory is eyewear. Whether it’s sunglasses for the beach or your eyeglasses that you wear for work or school, be sure to stay up to date on the latest trends.