• Spring 2016 Glasses Trends

    Although parts of the world are still extremely cold right now during these last months of winter, Spring 2016 is steadily approaching. The springtime brings about a lot of sunshine and new style. Every year introduces new fashion trends, and one major accessory is eyewear. Whether it’s sunglasses for the beach or your eyeglasses that you wear for work or school, be sure to stay up to date on the latest trends.

  • What to Know About Polarized Sunglasses

    What exactly are polarized Sunglasses? We hear this term from time to time when discussing different types of lenses that can be used for sunglasses. Many golfers and fisherman use them for sporting activities, but now polarized sunglasses are becoming one of the most popular lenses, and people are starting to wear them for daily wear. However, many people who are unfamiliar to polarized lenses do not understand what the term polarized means. What does it mean? The word polarized stems from these lenses having a polarizing filter, which restricts vibrations of light either wholly or partially in one direction. Non-polarized sunglasses block a certain amount of light that passes through…

  • Comparing Contacts: Acuvue Oasys and Air Optix

    What’s the difference between contact lens brands? There are many different brands of contact lenses out there, and we all have a different brand that is suited best for us. But what defines the best brand for most people? The most important step you should take before purchasing either brand is consulting with your doctor. Your prescription will have a major effect on which brand your doctor will choose because everyone’s eyes require different needs. We compared two of the most popular contact lens brands out there: Acuvue Oasys and Air Optix. Acuvue Oasys These contacts are designed with Acuvue’s Hydraclear Plus technology. This popular feature has wetness built right…