• The Benefits of Anti-Reflective Coating

    Improve your vision and reduce glare with our premium anti-reflective (AR) coating. This simple addition will sharpen your vision and enhance the appearance of your glasses. By reflecting more light, our AR coating cuts down on frustrating glare. Best of all, less light reflection makes for clear, lovely lenses. Anti-Reflective coating works best for computer use and night driving by eliminating the additional glare from computer screens and low light conditions. Our premium AR coated can be added to most packages for just $24.95.  

  • Blue-Light Blocking Glasses For Computer Vision Syndrome

    What is Computer Vision Syndrome? For the average person, technology is everywhere. And while technological advances are often good, the way technology impacts our daily life can be overwhelming at times. Case in point: Computer Vision Syndrome (or CVS). Computer Vision Syndrome affects nearly anyone after long-term computer use and can have some irksome affects on your eyes. Is Computer Vision Syndrome Harmful? CVS should not result in any lasting eye issues. The biggest bother when it comes to CVS is eye irritation. When you spend too much time in front of a computer screen you are likely to experience the following annoying symptoms: Eyestrain Dry eyes Blurry vision Shoulder/neck…