• The Importance of Back Up Glasses for Contact Lens Wearers

    Choosing between eyeglasses or contact lenses is a matter of personal preference. It all comes down to your style, budget, comfort, etc. If you’re a fan of contact lenses, wearers should know the benefits of owning a spare pair of eyeglasses to keep eyes feeling healthy and vision clear. Sometimes it’s best to give your eyes a break by removing your contacts and wearing your spare eyeglasses instead. Contact Lens Discomfort Long time wear of contact lenses can cause discomfort. You may experience dry eyes, blurry vision, or headaches. While most contact lenses have moisturizing attributes, sometimes long-term wear can affect your eyes. In cases like this, having a spare…

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  • What Are You Thankful For?

    It’s Thanksgiving season and 39DollarGlasses wants to know what you’re thankful for! Let us know and you could win free glasses for yourself and your family. To enter the contest just share what you are most thankful for in the form or comment on our Facebook page. We will choose the best answer and the lucky winner will be announced on November 27th, 2013. Good luck! How to Enter: To enter this contest, participants must do the following: A. Contestants may enter by filling out the form below. Contestants should explain what they are most thankful for this Thanksgiving season for a chance to win the contest. OR B. Contestants…